Say What You Mean

by The Heavy Heavies

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She’s got the ability to bring this beauty right out of me,
And know I’m proud to be what you seem to deem worthy
I’ll be your one and only, phone calls when you’re lonely
And she gave me up her heart so now I’ll always be home
See, her long brown hair, tanned freckled skin
Got me questioning the old way I’d been living
You see, comparing me to her is like my two to her ten
I got a past, she’s got a past, but its all gone with the wind
Now baby, where the hell have you been?
Got me feeling like a slave to your perfections
Like your big ol’ booty, and truth be told
You can get a little moody, but it never gets old
Now sometimes it just won’t make sense
But we can grab a movie and spend our evenings in
And pretend there’s one above and that you’re heaven sent
And that He’s up there looking down to where his angel went

So come on,
Just say what you mean,
I’ll do my best to be exactly what you’re seeming to need
When we’re lying you get nothing but the truth from me
‘cause truthfully, I think we go together beautifully (so come on)
You look at me, I’m looking back at you
Unclear of what you wanna do, girl
Face the facts, just relax about it
Say what you mean

I guess it's out now. Right now,
You've found me out from looks I'm giving
To you. It's true, I'm slipping.
And it's just not fair, and I tried to
Fight truth. Close eyes deny that fact that there's something there.
I don't know what's come over me.
I'm speaking all eclectically,
Trying to come off cleverly.
If I could speak directly to you:
"Oh. Excuse me Miss.
I don't know if you get down like this but,
I know that Kendrick said it better,
'Girl, you know you want dis...'"

These night drives, city signs, I’ll fight these tired eyes
Speed the whole damn ride to make up for lost time
‘cause these cold bedsides, they never felt as right,
as when you looked me in my eyes and said “I want you to be mine”
I wanna be right, I’ll tell you what you’re dying to hear
I wanna sell you on the things that you’re beginning to fear
I wanna be the reason you’ve been smiling ear to ear
So baby girl, say what you mean, and make your feeling’s clear

I’ve got my eyes facing forward.
Resisting words and inclinations, peace out temptation.
When I’m trying to face her and fighting my nature
Let’s face it, it’s basically wasted.
Laying cards on her table.


released February 28, 2013
Written, produced and performed by The Heavy Heavies
The Heavy Music Group © 2013.
Recorded at BTown Sound
Mixed and mastered by Kevin Langlois.



all rights reserved


The Heavy Heavies London, Ontario

Pop/Hip-hop from the 905.

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